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Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle – Into Your Room

If any nationality owns eccentricity it is the English, and it is thanks in part to rare mash-ups like this. Opening with a peel of prolonged and seedy sax courtesy of Elliott Rush, “Into Your Room” blends blues grooves with stygian rhythms and it comes across as some recent-era Nick Cave tackling the Lost Boys soundtrack sort of hybrid.

Robbie Humphries takes the time to intersperse the sax claxons on which the track is built with notably dark lyrics, varying his delivery from the spoken to the treated to the downright manic. And with a minute to go, MMT deconstruct their own multi-layered sound, slowing the rhythm, withdrawing one element at a time before Humphries croaks the arrangement into silence.

Thus the braying sax is allowed to return and focus the band’s efforts in the final furlong. “Why you touching me so strange?” the splendidly-moustachioed Humphries questions unnervingly amid a rousing and cacophonous finale. Live it must sound dangerous and luckily little of its effect is lost under digital compression.

“Into Your Room” is released March 22nd, the fifth self-release on the band’s own Trees Are Good imprint (download and limited CD with artwork by pop-art stalwart Bridget Riley). Here’s wishing it success akin to one previous Facebook-led campaign named “Chart Attack”, the result of which placed MMT’s “Didn’t Lie” #1 on the indie download chart, albeit for just a couple of hours.