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Exit Calm: We’re On Our Own

Club AC30, 7” Singles club.
Reviewed by: Manero

Every now and then, a single is released that makes you fall back in love with the very idea of the anachronistic, instant fix, 7″ format. Remember when the Bunnymen or the Smiths released singles that rocked your world? A pure adrenaline rush that spun you out and made your day? ‘We’re On Our Own’ is that good: a beautiful, powerful, complex, epic assault on the senses, a cliché-free anthem that hits you between the eyes from the first snare drum crack.

Military, shuffling drums, soaring epic guitars, a spacey Ulrich Schnauss production, with the vocals a passionate, epiphanic growl that bring to mind the Tony Wilson comment on Joy Division: they weren’t doing it because they wanted to, they were doing it because they fucking needed to.

Rob Marshall is set to be the finest guitarist of his generation: The distilled skill of Nick McCabe, Robin Guthrie, Will Sergeant and Kevin Shields coupled with his own unique dynamic sensibility.

Impossible not to fall in love with. As near as damit to a perfect single.