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Hakobune – Isohel

While Takahiro Yorifuji is not, by a long-shot, the first guitarist to use his instrument of choice to experiment with layers of very un-guitar-like sound, as this Hakobune release will atest, he has still hit upon a winning formula.

This two-track affair, tenderly invites us to meander through Kyoto-based Yorifuji’s untapped and undisturbed sonic paradise, where swathes of half-distinguished, sauntering melodies effortlessly melt into the ether. ‘Isohel‘ is as fresh and invigorating as a cool Spring morning and is imbued with a distinct sense of grandeur.

‘Late Autumn‘ is the cornerstone piece here, with the following ‘Late Spring‘ acting like a slow-burning reprise of the themes established before. The former, though, undulates over almost 15 melody-rich minutes where textures mingle then coalesce. It’s soft, yet inherently powerful, like a gigantic tidal wave captured in suspended animation. It has the properties to consume all, but instead chooses to linger.

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