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First Glances – Bottle Of Evil

The name may be ill-advised, conjuring all manner of goth, punk and death metal imagery but Lanarkshire’s Bottle Of Evil actually sound warm, fluffy and slightly blurred at the edges. Theirs is a predominantly shoegazy sound. I suppose we’d term it dream pop although I have the impression that nobody really nailed the definition for that.

Bottle of Evil is a collaboration between Derek Bates ( Evil Hand ) and Steven McGilvary ( Bottle of Steven ) hence the blended name. They list their influences as including Slowdive , Tangerine Dream and The Blue Nile but I’m happy to report that Bottle Of Evil are no copyists. Their sound, if anything, is a little like Doves at their most ambient, with vocals akin to Epic 45 . Not sure if they’re on Nae Records or they’ve got nae record label! But I’ll tell you this for free, they should be signed up. They’ve got something, these guys. Even if it isn’t the name.


~The album Bottle Of Evil by Bottle Of Evil is out now on, (ahem) Nae Records. Have a listen.~


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