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First Glances – The Hausfrauen Experiment

Three girls, one mission – “To somewhat abstractly tinker with perfectly good songs for their own amusement” .

Make a visit to their myspace page right away to find bewildering versions of Eno’s ‘Baby’s on Fire’, and The Fall’s ‘Cruisers Creek’. But what’s this! No photos of the girls? We’ll just have to use our imagination.

Here’s a snippet from their bio:

Disco Diva Doilys… Rich Tea and an upright Hoover… polishing parquet floors and ancient teak and mahogany sideboards with beeswax … Duran Duran or Steeley Dan – and we’re talking Barbarella here… such are the dreams of the everyday housewife you see everywhere any time of the day… Jimmy Webb at the Ritz and Frankie in Heaven… an ever widening vista of ripples lapping gently against the shores of memory, forcing the question: Do we go quietly into the long dark teatime of the soul? Or, do we cast again the uncast die? For VYOLETTE, LISA & TRACY the answer was an unequivocal … NO! And thus, on a darksome November eve was born THE HAUSFRAUEN EXPERIMENT.


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