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Emerald Park – Reality Bites

Jangly indie pop. Swedish. What’s not to like? Emerald Park take us back to the eighties and giddy days of the Wild Swans , Lotus Eaters and Care . The A-side, ‘Reality Bites’ hooks with its “where are you now?” call out. This could have been on Postcard alongside Joseph K whereas the companion piece (I wanna say b-side but there’ll be whole generations going wtf?) seems more jokey and befitting of Sarah Records .

“I was trying to get laid,
you were looking for someone to love”

Dreadful, I know, but the song is fairly amusing. Yet it is a-lister ‘Reality Bites’ that really grabs you. Emerald Park are from Malmo, Sweden. But also, Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow, C86…., Creation…