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Fault Finders – Fault Finding (For Beginners)

Given his prolific output, you could say that Umair Chaudry doesn’t get out much. This is an impression that would be emphasised even further on hearing the deathly gloom of albums released under his Abandon and Monday Morning Sun projects. By these standards, Fault Finders is Chaudry and bandmate Marco Ruggiero in relatively chipper mood as their music takes on an electronic influence.

‘Stay The Same’ is about as pop as Chaudry gets. It features languid, jangly guitar melody and vocal (dis)harmonies not a million miles away from early Depeche Mode whilst ’I Don’t Blame You’ adds layers of effects to demonstrate the shoegaze influences but beneath the noise there’s an essence of hope. ‘Expectation’ – featuring an excellent cameo appearance from guest vocalist Nick Hudson – is reminiscent of the hugely underrated Breathless . Finally, the drone and grind on ‘Tribes’ guides us to the end of the EP but even this is tempered by a sweet female vocal.

If there is a way to introduce Chaudry’s music to the unconverted then Fault Finders provides the most accessible route. The music is undeniably dark but the emphasis is placed as much on tunes as it is on atmosphere and miserablism.


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