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First Glances – LARKO

Hot on the heals of The Kooks and The Wombats come Belgian indie-rockers LARKO , a delirious mess of garage scuzz, catchy hooks and ‘honest to God’ rawk .

Strictly francophone, LARKO cannot be classed as Britpop but if they leaned any further toward our Isles they might well get very wet indeed. Stylish band as well, oft taking to the stage in matching box-jackets (Think Libertines ) but frontman Jean Tourneur won’t keep his on for too long. His furious antics on stage and around the mic soon have this guy overheating. What a character. Imagine a mixture of Jarvis Cocker , Iggy (without the scarring) and Julian Doré (French Star Academy winner whose over exuberant stage movements were as vital to his victory as his voice.)

The nearest Belgian reference I can think of is Showstar . But Showstar have attempted to write in English. Larko stay in their mother language, a move which may limit their hopes globally but will enhance their chances of taking over neighbouring France.

LARKO have a debut album coming soon. Vive la révolution!