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First Glances – Wild Dogs In Winter

Post-rock has made more comebacks than Lazarus, seemingly and the latest band breathing life into the stiffening genre is South East England’s Wild Dogs In Winter . What these guys bring to the table is a dash of shock, (a la iLiKETRAiNS ‘Stainless Steel’) and a mood of crushing melancholy.

Like Policemen, guitarists seem to look younger and younger these days, none more so than WDIW’s Luke Payne but the wunderkind certainly has a way with pedals. They’re also not afraid to throw in the odd swathe of analogue synth shunting their work from brooding texture pieces to thrill rides. It’s a subtle twist on the old ‘quiet loud’ formula but it’s a winner. Add a singer who looks a bit like Guy Pearce but sounds like a more vulnerable Damon Albarn and you quickly get a sense that these Dogs could run for a while yet.

Debut long player Homba is available now released on Frontal Noize (Belgium) and Gravid Hands (UK) but also available as a ‘pay what you want’ download via bandcamp. See link below. ‘The Butcher’ and his wife are not to be missed.