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The Dirty Cuts – 2 Page Spread

The Dirty Cuts’ first appearance in the digital pages of [sic] duly whet many an appetite when we pigeonholed them as “impeccable new-wave post-punk in tight trousers”. The last time we caught up with the 17 Seconds boys they were readying this single, and though it’s taken a little longer to get out than originally planned, “2 Page Spread” appears to have been worth the wait.

This said, it might pay to be rather careful when announcing your love for The Dirty Cuts. The slightest slip of the tongue and your mother will be reaching for closest bar of soap. And on this subject, The Dirty Cuts seem set on making the most inappropriate advances on your mother since Guy McKnight woke up feeling particularly salacious one morning. “I wanna steal your girl, make eyes at your mother” they start. You can imagine where it leads.

With dangerous guitar chops, chart-sized hooks, Franz Ferdinand’s bass groove and Strokes-like nonchalance, “2 Page Spread” has a decidedly seedy underbelly. Exposing themselves like a horny Sam Endicott, The Dirty Cuts prowl the indie dancefloor in a way that The Virgins or Louis XIV could only dream of.

Although the cover looks like some uglier version of Amy Winehouse gone peroxide, the success of this single seems a shoe in (a brothel creeper naturally).The near identikit b-side “Lips” is equally suggestive, appearing to ask for access into some unfortunate’s “dirty cut”. The irrepressible synth easily goes round for round with the clean-as-a-whistle post-punk guitar action, and it’s kindly available for free download here you lucky things: http://www.17secondsrecords.co.uk/media.html

“2 Page Spread” is the ninth release by Scotland’s 17 Seconds label and is out now to download, and will be followed by a limited 7” batch release soon.

Label Focus – 17 Seconds Records

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