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Pausal – Lapses

Hailing from Hampshire in England, Pausal have performed with Stars Of The Lid and it’s easy to see the link. Pausal’s music is helpfully described as “composed drone” so here we have a lengthy album big on ambience and unhurried melody.

Although minimalist in its approach, ‘Lapses’ remains interesting thanks to its multiple layers of instruments which shift gradually around each other. ‘Velmead In Common’ is an excellent case in point with some instruments hard to identify except the distinct tones of piano. Clocking in at approximately fifteen minutes its glacial passages are, it has to be said, rather gorgeous and other tracks follow suit.

‘One Watery Lens’ drifts ever more slowly like a graceful, old seafaring vessel whilst ‘Midshipman’ continues the aquatic theme with its dripping samples. For ‘With Seashell’, the volume increases and the layers seem to merge into one dominant drone.

Seventy minutes may be pushing things slightly but ‘Lapses’ is quietly captivating. What appears initially to be background mood music grows in stature through time.



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