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One Band I like

As you can all imagine, jumping straight from your very vivid, intoxicating dreams and into a sober world without cigarettes and coffee, totally unattached to the world of Rock being that it is such an ungodly hour, it can take a while to find your flow, your words, your thoughts.

I went into robotic, monotonous motion: the mission was clear, my target was set, now all I had to do was go through the typical steps of procrastination. You know, go through my notes for the umpteenth time, stress about the cover picture that I don’t need to worry about until I actually produce some words. What’s next? Ah yeah, the almighty YouTube search, let’s see what that brings. I flip through their songs one by one and opt for ‘One thing I like’. I like the title, it has promise, promise for a dull, rainy morning.

Sure enough, the intro has my head bobbing from side to side and the beat makes me smile – smile man, at 9am! Trust me, in my world that says a lot.With that little pause within the beat bassist Mathias Neudeck and drummer Dominik Schäffer leave you hanging there mid bob. The sudden change to a choir like interlude is almost comical and a bit hypnotizing.

Usually this isn’t the kind of title I would pick out of a selection of ‘Silks & Satins’ or ‘Hole in his heart’, I guess it all leads back to my morning logic as I find the other titles way more intriguing. But funny thing, ‘One thing I like’, quickly leads me to the realization and therefore the conclusion, that Everyday History’s style has managed to really define its self in only a short matter of time. Their songs, whilst unique and experimental in ways of tapping into the previously unexplored plays with sound, cannot exactly be pin-pointed, yet still it’s starting to sound more and more like… Everyday History .

The variance in Vocals ( Simon Staudigl/Sebastian Bernhardt ) strike me as absolutely brilliant, bringing to their songs a mischievous yet mature pizzazz only few bands can maintain in their musical evolution. ‘Silks & Satins’ manifests this perfectly, instrumentally as well as vocally, this song has you flying from one emotional high to another on a roller coaster you’ll grow to love.


Everyday History have been snaking their way through the dirty south of Germany at an impressive speed and are now moving beyond their borders, playing various gigs at renowned Festivals such as the Campusfest Regensburg and the Street Life Festival in the heart of Munich. They will also be supporting Tex , the presenter and host of Berlin’s TV Noir , in Würzburg shortly. TV Noir is growing in popularity, introducing two Singer/Songwriters (usually German) every first Sunday of the month on their website and Youtube. As you can see, the guys from Everyday History have a busy and fruitful summer ahead of them, with festivals to play, people to impress and videos to be produced.

If you have not yet tuned into the the wondrous world of Everyday History’s fantastic tunes, it’s about bloody time!

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