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Prince Edward Island – This Day Is Good Enough

Reviewed by the medium of “on flight” phrases and broadcasts on Virgin Atlantic flight to Disneyworld while gripping the arm rest and aetheistically praying! The real track title is followed by the phrase I found on board.

No – it doesn’t make much sense to me now.

1/ I Nearly Don’t Love You But Not Quite – “elapsed time” sums up its relationship ennui rather well. The lyric gets a mention of Arab Strap out of the way in the songs 1.10 minute span too so we won’t mention them again however valid (and not JUST because of the Scottish brogue in the vocal).

2/ You Look Like I Need A Drink – “time trial” a rather epic jog along that starts with a drone and slides toward its bouncy pop destiny. It’s a single, it’s dour and it is sure to delight the “indie” in you, be it dad or Daughter, especially when the guitar gets all New Order .

3/ Like Bouncers We Stand – “life jacket under seat” Dunkirk spirit applied to dissolving relationships. Appropriate then that it sounds like British Sea Power .

4/ Sex In The Morning (I’m Coughing, You’re Yawning – “Comedy alternative”
The most like Ara….. Well, ya kna. Dry observations on moist activity, real people shagging inelegantly.

5/ I’ve Been To A City – “Escape path lights” euphoric in Super Furries style. a cosmopolitan adventurer returns to the small town ways. Elegant and brimming with craft.

6/ Are Your Mother-In-Law And Your Mother In Love? – “Confessions of a concealaholic” On the plane, a make-up. Here, my least favourite track. Reminds me oddly of Living By Numbers by New Musik . Which I like.

7/ Take Your Breath Away – “winning by a neck” I’ll take it as being about compromises made and regret over making them.

8/ It’s All Over Bar The Shouting – “Shimmer brick” applies to the music but the big tune only amplifies the sad decline in the lyric. If The Killers came from Inverness rather than Vegas they might well have sounded like this.

9/ Let’s stay In And Go to Town – “Bottled night” more shagging, frankly. The beauty of entertaining yourselves with a minimum of cost and the curtains drawn – the early stages of all the struggling characters in the other songs. Almost romantic in a realistic way.

10/ Am A Pig And You Are A Cow – “know your strengths” Amazingly like the wonderful Alex Highton (who I can be fairly sure they haven’t heard) this is whimsy with a little spec of menace in the fade.

11/ The Keith Disaster Fund – “clinical dark spot corrector” it’s a bit of a beast – a life reviewed as a charity appeal. Again this is Caledonian Killers territory. The autobiography of a failed Lothian lothario rapidly realising that booze and fags have led him to facing up to the bleak end (of hope if not life) – he’s Mr Clydeside.