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Optional Wallace release first single from debut album

Former [sic] First Glances stars Optional Wallace are set to release the first single “Generation” from their assured self-titled debut. Standout cut from the album, the track finds the politicised three-piece in chest-beating form, coming on, ironically, like a mouthpiece for the generation they state “has nothing to say” .

“Generation” comes backed by an acoustic version of “Can’t Explain”, which has been taken from the band’s recent BBC session. Stripped of electronic bluster, the track’s core slow-build nevertheless makes itself heard, adding tenderness in place of oppresive instrumentation.

~”Generation” will be released 7th November 2011 on Squealing Beagle , and will, along with the acoustic version of “Can’t Explain”, be available for a short time for free download at the band’s homepage.~

First Glances – Optional Wallace