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We Are The Storm – To the North Pole

Sweden again. Indeed, Uppsala again, already hometown to Jeniferever and The Search the quiet, University city has thrown up another terrific act in We Are The Storm .

To The North Pole is one of those exuberant albums that probably would never have existed without the Arcade Fire . You know the type, where it sounds as though there are a hundred people in the band! Apparently Uppsala is located in a flat region of Sweden where the horizon goes on for miles. It’s an environment that breeds contemplation and big ideas. Front man Staffan John Sigvard evokes Ben Gibbard as he sings of old childhood places and buried memories. This album is all about escapism, yearnings for youth and buried secrets, with Sweden’s vast expanse as backdrop it certainly sounds big.

‘I woke up to the bells’ is a prime example of We Are The Storm’s sweeping majesty. I love it and so will fans of The Kissaway Trail , Frightened Rabbit and yes, Death Cab For Cutie . The album is solid and agreeable enough. The closest that I probably have in my collection is Portsmouth’s, The Strange Death Of Liberal England particularly their second album Drown Your Heart Again . My only criticism would be the lack of variety here. A lot of To the North Pole sounds the same tempo and with a similar triumphant vivacity. That aspect is well done indeed, but how about a sprinkling of quiet heartbreak?

Beautiful digipak, beautiful artwork, crystal clear production and a lot of promise here. Uppsala is calling me. Maybe I’ll retire there?