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My Tiny Robots – Guild Of Defiants, plus free download single

My Tiny Robots – Rock Bossa Nova Fourbeat Black
Free download single

A classic ScotPop groove – moderately off-kilter with Edwyn Collins -like vocals and a pleasingly whimsy lyric. It’s like a Boys Own list of adventures to bring about a manhood that can’t simply be gained by possession of a beard. A title like a description of its keyboard origins, the starting squelchy wash is no doubt eponymous. The song keeps within a tight structure despite having little areas that threaten briefly to wig out. The guitar lines are like Bernard Sumner and the keyboard arpeggios behind the main song could have taken it the way of Clor or Hot Chip but in the end it sticks to Pop with a more down to Earth feel. Whatever it is, it bloody well has a hook that sticks like shit to a blanket.

My Tiny Robots – Guild Of Defiants (Ltd physical and download single)

Not as quirky but more classically pleasing, this is likely to be a more useful stepping stone to world domination with its insistent bass/drum chug, catchy yet vague imagery (Guild Of Defiants?). It has great guitar work that really Neil Young’s out at the end (an end annoyingly quick to be reached – it sounds unfinished). It sounds like this is a band increasingly near to the perfect blue-print wisely testing the waters before making “the grand statement”.

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