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Red Painted Red – I Am Nothing

During 2011 many compliments have been delivered to Esben And The Witch for their intense Witchcraft-inspired songs. Those same plaudits could easily be applied to Manchester duo Red Painted Red who offer a similarly riveting selection of arcane songwriting. Their new album features the usual lovingly hand-crafted packaging but surprising signs of lightening up too.

There is undoubtedly a sinister undercurrent and surface to Red Painted Red’s material. One only has to glance over titles such as ‘Days To Die From Paracetamol’ to know this. However, there is also more ambition on show this time. So look beyond the oppressive, thunderous noise of ‘Misunderstood’ and turn instead to ‘Safe In Sleep’. It’s actually a tender-sounding ballad even if it’s most likely to be about dying. ‘God Song (Fools And Fire)’ and ‘I Can’t See’ also reveal a hitherto hidden commercial flair; if you weren’t aware of their dark lyrical matter they’re not so far removed from Florence And The Machine . Still, it’s a relief to note they haven’t shed their black cloaks completely, as ‘Wondering How They Fly’ brings events to a full-blooded, shuddering halt.

So overall, this an interesting development in the career of Red Painted Red. There is a risk of losing a cult following but balanced against the potential of appealing to a wider audience of gothic folk, it’s a risk worth taking.

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