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The Foreign Resort – The Foreign Resort EP.

After listening to The Foreign Resort’s self titled EP, I’m left wondering about the origins of the band’s name. Could a Foreign Resort represent our desire to escape what haunts us? To vacation from all that we’ve lost or cannot change? The album’s cutting and confessional lyrics paired with a well-executed combination of shoegaze and post-punk revival stylings makes for a memorable listening experience. There are hints and echoes of older influences such as Joy Division and The Cure , without ever imitating or being contrived.

The EP starts off with ‘Colleen’, an edgy, energetic track full of yearning and jangling guitars. Next, is ‘Orange Glow’, a multi-layered synth wash with a tinge of Shoegaze that still holds an interesting tension. My personal favorite is ‘Heart Breaks Down’ which displays both the band’s versatility, and that of Jakobsen the vocalist. It has a slower, more atmospheric vibe which conjures The Cure or even cold wave greats The Asylum Party . For a moment I was transported to a velvet clad teenage crush, swirling and dancing through plumes of clove-smoke. The remainder of the album returns to the Post-Punk leanings, staying interesting through great vocals, lyrics, guitar tones, and thick textures.

Song by song The Foreign Resort emphasizes the indelible; and in so doing, have become so themselves.