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Asonat – Love In Times Of Repetition

Where did this come from? Just when I thought the IDM genre was running low on ideas and surprises up pops this gem of a record from Icelandic project, Asonat . Trust flagship label n5MD to have unearthed this cooler- than-cool gem. I wonder, do the artists find n5 or do n5 find the artists? No matter, Love In Times Of Repetition is a frosted glass masterpiece with huge crossover potential.

Less ambient than many of its labelmates, Asonat keep things varied on Love In Times Of Repetition . Interesting choice of title too. What’s immediately striking about the album is the marriage of rhythm and melody. It is a potent mix, I think possibly because Asonat is an ensemble project comprising one member of Ruxpin and one member of Plastic Joy (ah, that answers the earlier question) I suspect the programming on here is largely down to Fannar Ásgrímsson whilst Jónas Thór Guðmundsson provides the swirly melodics. The ‘love’ then, is provided by Ruxpins lilting, shifting downtempo moods whilst there’s (Plastic) joy to be found in the ’repetition’.

It’s so cool though. One of the coolest records I’ve heard in a while. We can almost dance to Asonat. Although, me, I’m more likely to just nod my head appreciably. This is the kind of record that makes me wish I DJ’d downtempo. If only! Asonat could be employed as chill-out or played at a trendy dinner party (The host would have to be an architect or a designer). The most satisfying grooves are to be found in pieces such as ‘What Have We Done (Silence is Golden)’ and ‘Forgotten’. Guest singers pop up from time to time, perpetuating the feeling of variety. How ironic that ‘Where The Heart Lives’ is so evocative of Bjork , yet the singer here is French, not Icelandic. Another measure of this album is the strength of its non-standout tracks. Take a piece like ‘We Have Come So Far Again’, whilst not the albums biggest hitter, it shifts through the phases so agreeably that as listener you never become aware of the world outside the album.

My remote control is gathering dust. I’m not tempted once to skip during . … Times Of Repetition.

And then… ‘Dandilions’. It gives me chills just typing the word now. This track is fantastic. Bass thrums like early port-royal and the guest vocal is of the coquettish, Asian female variety – so achingly beautiful I’m powerless under her spell. Her name is Chihiro , I’m spirited away.

Thanks then to Asonat. for making 2012 ice cold with this sensational album, Love In Times Of Repetition. Love it, live it, share it and repeat.