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First Glances – Erros Mágicos

Erros Mágicos is the work of Jason Edmonds , the guy usually responsible for putting out Magic Castles sounds. And he’s recently completed what he started in 2011, bringing the project to such a state where his debut under this name, Shambhala (of Buddhist fame in case you were wondering), has finally emerged from the mists of his mind thanks, in part, to its supporting cast of – count ‘em – 8 like-minded musicians.

It comprises of four, six-minute psyche-pop jams that range from a simmering, shuffling wave of synth-driven vibes (“Ensolarado”) to the lazy, jangling psyche of “Aves De Cidade” – the latter of which’s birdsong meets edge-of-sanity Portuguese mumblings suggest at a meeting of worlds, like Edmonds has found inspiration in limbo or something. His adventures in field capture then extend to “Verão Está Aquí” – a warm embrace of 2-stroke grumble and downright chill that evokes memories of Easy Rider rocking up to flounce around that hippy commune, only in slow motion.

Best of all though is “C’est Tout Noir” in which we find a clear, keyb-organ groove making best friends with sexy French vocals, flutes with ear-filling Brazilian football chant. When it’s taken darker with ritualistic chanting it seems for all the world that international psychonauts Goat are back in town after a dirty weekend in Paris. Naturally, it’s worth grabbing a copy of Shambhala for this reason alone.

~Shambhala is out now on a 150-edition cassette on Moon Glyph .~