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First Glances – Henry The Rabbit

It would seem there is no bottom to Craig Martin Wood aka Henry The Rabbit aka Henry The Rabbi aka Henry the drummer of hippy collective Halasan Bazar ‘s Copenhagen bolthole – a weightless place where time unravels and edges blur – for, with recent Moon Glyph micro-release Earthern Birth , he is continuing to strike it out on his own as he did with his melodic self-titled debut.

A patient practitioner of what he calls “psychedelic ukulele skiffle”, his gently psychedelic instrumentals drift and hang, wandering space like a curious summer’s cloud, individual tracks making little account of themselves, the whole harmonious collection seeming to breathe in and out organically instead.

There’s a touch of cinematic Morricone in Earthern Birth ‘s opener, unobtrusive organ and whistle from Halasan Bazar bandmate Fredrik Eckhoff elsewhere. Glockenspiel adds a touch of classiness, as do light backing vocals from whimsical characters such as Christina “Miss Cottontail” Liljeroth and Astrid “Hare” Have. A folksy bent to later tracks even lends the slim-line release a working-demo-like, Sufjan Stevens kind of vibe circa Seven Swans , before a frostier abstract brings eventually down the magical curtain.

Earthern Birth is a lush daydream in which to disappear completely. Let Henry The Rabbit lead you there by the hand.

~Earthern Birth is out now on 150-edition cassette on Moon Glyph .~