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The Boy Who Spoke Clouds – The Boy Who Spoke Clouds

I made a mental note to stay alert for the music of The Boy Who Spoke Clouds as soon as I heard a gorgeous instrumental track on Melbourne radio station RRR several years ago. It’s only now that I’ve had the opportunity to hear this full-length release from Adam Casey .

These songs have the handcrafted touch – sections bleed into one another from humble beginnings, accruing emotional resonance as they tumble along. The closest comparison is probably a less wrought Microphones, where the lo-fi production becomes part and parcel of the character of the songs. Ambient folk? Perhaps.

The main issue for me is Adam Casey’s voice. There’s no doubt he’s a talent with various stringed instruments, creating lovely, interweaving compositions, drenched in melancholic reverb. However, as soon as he starts singing, I feel like his dolorous baritone is getting in the way of the music, which is a shame, as the music is almost universally lovely.

If Casey releases an instrumental album, I’ll be all over it. For now, I can’t get past my aversion to his voice to reap all the fruits that lay hanging like sad orbs amid the milky fog of this intriguing release.