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Repeater – Patterns EP

Moody post-punk may be enjoying something of a revival but can it ever be as impactful as the originals? Can it be the same ? Many of today’s acts are more than decent, ( Editors , Film School , Interpol ) but has any one band forged an identity to measure against the likes of Joy Division or The Cure ? One band that might is Long Beach’s Repeater . These guys won my heart from the very first bar. You know the feeling – when your blood freezes in your veins. It’s why I love music and why, despite having shelves bulging with classic records, I remain addicted to the discovery of new music.

Repeater were not quite the finished article on their debut (mini?) album Iron Flowers. But there was more than enough there to set bells ringing in my imagination. They pose a number of mysteries. Not least of which is the nagging question – how can such intensity, such fury come out of a sun-drenched location like Long Beach? The lion’s share of their it factor comes courtesy of frontman Steve Krolikowski . His lyrical imagery and oxy-acetylene vocals are like a classic thriller, gripping and difficult to dislodge from the memory. Thankfully I wasn’t the only person impressed by Iron Flowers. Uber-producer Ross Robinson ( Korn , The Klaxons , The Cure ) also felt the Californians had star quality. Since then Repeater and Robinson have been in the studio working on a follow up album and Patterns is the first fruit of this partnership. Released early as a pay-what-you-wish download, the EP serves as a perfect taster for the forthcoming long-player. The three tracks are solid and occasionally spectacular. ‘To Swallow Lost Goodbyes’ is sonically exhilarating with an angry sounding Krolikowski calling the shots. ‘Patterns’, the lead track, is hook-laden and catchy while ‘Keep The Sun From Rising’ is possibly the standout. I had heard this before in demo form as ‘Ordinary Guests’ and I knew it would be beautiful. It is, with Robinson injecting light and shimmer to its chilling purpose.

Download the Patterns EP now via the link below and name your price. All that glistens isn’t gold. Sometimes it’s ice.


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