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First Glances – Fossil Collective.

When Leeds band Vib Gyor decided to split last year, [sic] Magazine could not have been alone in feeling crestfallen. Vib Gyor gave us epic, arena-sized, alt-rock anthems infused with a sense of yearning and polished off by the vapour trail vocals of Dave Fendick. The sense of disappointment will have been shared by XFM’s Tom Robinson, Zane Lowe and just about anyone else who heard their debut album, We Are Not An Island.

How encouraging then to learn that neither Dave, nor his drummer Jonny Hooker are lost to music altogether. The duo will continue as Fossil Collective and promise a change of musical direction, hinting at folk and Americana. A new EP, Honey Slides should surely give us a clue as to what we nearly lost and equally what we’ve been given back. Not least of which, one of the great voices of the UK music scene.

Fossil Collective

Like their song, Vib Gyor have ‘Fallen’ but Fossil Collective are rising.

~Honey Slides is out now on Takeaimfire and iTunes. Full review to follow.~

Fossil Collective

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