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Events – Belgian Independent Music Festival

Belgian music has always had a rich heritage and [sic] Magazine is proud to support its adopted homeland. Each year the two organisations of Dark Entries and Bodybeats join hands to end the year with a musical event that features the best of the alternative scene.
Due to its huge success, the organisation decided to make this year a double festival.

Day one, the BIM Pre-Fest you can witness Dark Poem (fairy tale electro from Belgium), Sixth June (minimal wave from Belgrade), Twice A Man (the legendary synthpopact from Sweden), Esplendor Geomettrico (the godfathers of the industrial scene) and electro-pioneers Portion Control . The first day will be closed with a DJ set that will feature Dive-frontman Dirk Ivens .

The day after we celebrate our BIMfest which this year sees Emotional Violence (minimal synth from Belgium), Din (A)Tod (German electro), Sturm Café (a must for Nitzer Ebb-heads), De Brassers (legendary Belgian post-punk band), Autodafeh (many times compared to Front 242), The Bollock Brothers (no introduction needed), the best punk band from Belgium ever The Kids , Laibach who will present a greatest hits set and final band will be the legendary DAF .

Apart from gigs there are lots of stalls from record dealers at where you can find the record you always wanted but never found.

This festival will take place in Belgium, Antwerp at the Trix.
This venue is located at Noordersingel 30, 2140 Antwerp, a couple of minutes away from the E17-highway.

Tickets cost 20/25 Euro for the BIM pre-Fest, 30/35 Euro for BIM or a combo-ticket for the price of 50 Euro.

BIM Fest