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The Indie Dad’s Top Ten Tracks of 2008

1.Pravda – Body in the Thames RMX
It’s in French, I’m too stupid to speak 2 languages but it matters little – this is an Alt. Rock beast. And I can understand “cocaine” stretched and pulled through a vocal effect programme in any language.

2.Scars on Broadway – They Say
The world is going to end. We’re going out rocking

3.Ladyhawke – Magic
Lead track from the album, shows exactly where you’re going and takes you in a jet. I know the 80s were shit but I damn near forget when I hear this.

4.Fucked Up – Son the Father
After the flute intro this hits you like a brick to the face in a wind tunnel, with one of the great rock screams. The album from whence “Chemistry of Common Life” is muscular but, for hardcore, progressive.

5 Aela – Love the Honey
Free download, the best band in Sweden are young, hard drinking ex-trawler men who, when I saw them in 2007, we not above dressing up as nurses (he had good legs) and babies.

6. Roots Manuva – Buff Nuff
In the unlikely event Roots has put out a bad record this isn’t it. Turns me into a Dance Hall lothario every time.

7. Joy of Sex – Red Rocket
Bloody great band, this is the best of a mixed but excellent bag comprising their two EPs. But don’t try carrying your shopping in it.

8.Late Of The Pier – Bathroom Gurgle
Immense white boys do funk car crash. The album version with the “mutha fuckin” clearly, from Fantasy Black Channel.

9.Yo Majesty – Monkey
Filthy lesbo wank fantasy – i.e. for and by – from the Kryptonite Pussy EP.

10. MV & EE – Sussquehanna
Free download though I imagine the album it comes from Getting’ Gone is ace. Maybe came out 2007 but fuck you, it’s my chart

And Just To Be Awkward

Album of The Year

Selfish Cunt – England Chamber Music (Sparrow’s Tears Records)
Rarely for these days this is not a collection of tracks but an album that needs to
be heard in it’s entirety for full impact. Truly music for all England’s pitiful, diseased chambers to be flushed out by.