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Showstar – Think Ringo

Dispepsic Pop – a category I’ve just invented to describe the third album by Showstar. Not that – having never heard of Showstar – it might not describe one and two as well. But this album is the classic 60s influenced Power Pop through a very jaded prism indeed.

It’s got the bang AND the blame – the sound is a Euro take on Indie (I have no idea where they come from. ) of the most melodic stripe. The lyrics however are barbed, misanthropic – “on the road to fame and glory” in ‘Battle Of The Bands’ is a road much travelled but far too often a dead end.

This sounds like a band whose youthful enthusiasm for the power of music has dimmed – although on ‘Building A House’ they sound like they have an anthem of possible hope (although laced with fear of more defeat) the “We are not alone” refrain sounds more surprised than exultant. They still believe, just not blindly.

‘My Name Is John’ is a potent rocker that could grace a Soundtrack Of Our Lives album. ‘Finger Generation’s chugging rhythm and menacing whispy vocals make for dark verses that burst up for the choruses. Think Ringo itself provides a little twist as it plays out the album, rather like a John Barry soundtrack played by paranoid pop moppets being locked back in the box till album four.

This album is an achievement to be proud of, a full set that rewards replay and shows a band standing their ground and ready to fight.

~ Editors note – Showstar are from Liège, Belgium~