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Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Chambers

Another fine Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia alum, husband-and-wife two-piece Lorena Quintanilla and Alberto Gonzalez are originally from Guadalajara and during a stay in Mexico City they “met”, subsequently becoming Lorelle and The Obsolete. And, now signed to London label Sonic Cathedral, the excellent Chambers is the hardworking pair’s third LP in almost as many years.

It kicks off with the huge lead single “What’s Holding You?” and opening tracks don’t come much better. At one fell swoop it launches the duo into the realms of power psyche, the onslaught pulsing louder and louder until it feels like the blood will burst from your ears, which it might if it weren’t for Lorelle’s ethereal vocal and for a space-rock sweep that help temper the mix. For a movement that’s reputedly on its way out in favour of a grunge revival it’s quite the statement and shows that LMTO, at least, won’t be going quietly. As if to further prove the point, “Sealed Scene” later howls like a mortally wounded dinosaur. Smashing the needle into the red, its quick-fire repeato-jangle sounds sorta like Loveless spun at 45rpm and that iconic balance of noise and melody is ever impressive.

There’s variety to LMTO’s art too. “The Myth Of The Wise”, for example, is a quite unique sounding rock ‘n’ roll dream-pop anthem with all parts save the vocal recorded at double volume. The unrelenting organ drone in “Third Wave” too sits atop a bleak Raveonettes-like song, as well as having one of those creepy psyche vibes with far-reaching tendrils. In turn, “Music For Dozens” is a hirsute old-world rocker with a hint of the blues, its harsh guitars giving way to a trippy outro that rips up the tempo like Picard giving the order to engage Warp speed.

Whilst certain other tracks are a touch more pedestrian in a nevertheless solid lo-fi 60s garage-psyche sense, in “Grieving” LMTO even have a post-rock behemoth hidden in plain sight, its coruscating guitar tones soaring and crushing like an old Explosions In The Sky number. It’s exactly this willingness to colour outside the lines that allow LMTO to thrill as much as they charm – a one-two combination that’s unlikely to ever lose its appeal … and, it’s safe to say, neither will Chambers.

Best tracks: “What’s Holding You?” and “Sealed Scene”7

~Chambers is out now on Sonic Cathedral.~