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Absent Without Leave – Faded Photographs Remixes

I have in the past looked down upon the remix album. Enlightenment came after blundering into the world of downtempo IDM. Electronica is the new ‘scene that celebrates itself’ and what better way to show your respect for someone’s music than re-interpret it yourself. Remixes needn’t be warmed up leftovers, nor blatant commercial opportunities Instead they can be a pathway to the very essence of a track, revealing a different aspect to the self same soul.
Absent Without Leave is Sound In Silence artist, real name George Mastrokostas. George is already widely celebrated within the scene that celebrates itself 2 (or should I say ‘too’). This two disc collection is released in very limited run. There are a mere 500 of these beauties, in collectible, handmade gatefold. It shames me to say that this has been available all year already. I have no clue as to the current availability.

This release is the first in two years for the Athens based artist. The original 2010 album already included luminaries such as port-royal, Stafrænn Hákon, epic45, and Hood. Mixes come by way of several cutting edge members of the electronica fraternity. Dalot is there, as are Slow Dancing Society, Ex Confusion and many more. I will link to the website at the foot of this article so that you can read fuller release notes.


For the most part, Faded Photographs Remixes taps into that lazy, hazy vibe of chill-out and comedown after some heavy clubbing. It is an effortless listen. Amazing how these pieces still sparkle in the hands of others. There is no one style in evidence. The whole collection is rendered akin to a various artists compilation album. With 28 pieces I see little to be gained by attempting a track by track review. Yet to highlight anybody would be doing the others a disservice. Is it enough to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this album and I recommend it wholeheartedly? In any case that’s what I’m doing.

Buy this. If you can.

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