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Anthroprophh – Precession EP

Precession is the new release from Paul Allen of cult psychers The Heads fame and it serves as a meaty taster ahead of a full length expected later in the year. Allen’s hypnotic project goes by the tongue-twisting name of Anthroprophh and his fuzzy tones exude a mind-expanding majesty not unlike his legendary parent band but it’s all sufficiently different to be of dead-centre interest. New to the party and now a permanent feature is former touring band Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb of Big Naturals and together the three offer up two cosmic, side-long psyche-drone jammers.

The 15 minutes of side A go deep with analogue synth swirls and tribal drum repeats that ramp up in intensity via micro detail to a pay-off nine minutes in when Allen’s scree-ful guitar erupts to blow some brain fuses with some serious shred. On the flip you’ve got 18 more minutes of dirty kraut rhythms and creaking synth drones, but it’s the hot and heavy, Eastern-sounding organ dither though that really gets you into the groove before the inevitable freak-out-cum-finale.

That forthcoming LP ought to be a belter. Make sure you’re down the front at this year’s Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia to no doubt catch it in full.

~Precession is limited to a pressing of 350 and is out now on Cardinal Fuzz.~