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Charles-Eric Charrier – Petite Soeur

I think I missed the boat on this one. There was a moment a couple of weeks ago when I was listening to Petite Soeur on the train and I started weeping to ‘8 Minutes’. At the point where the guitar feedback burns through like too-bright sunlight, it was too much for me. After minute-upon-minute of those insistent, tumbling drums, that slovenly bass, the uneasy tinkling of the piano, the feedback felt like it was saving everything by killing it stone-dead. Sweet euthanasia.

I let that moment get away from me, and now, after a dozen or so listens to this album, I still appreciate it, but it doesn’t move me quite as much as it did, because I know exactly what’s going to happen. Don’t get me wrong: something interesting/moving happens in each of these six long instrumentals, led by pianist/bassist Charrier. But if I’d have pulled my finger out and written this review that day – well, I’d have been waxing rhapsodic, I can tell you.

If you’re into instrumental rock or Necks-esque jazz, you’ll definitely get something out of this release. It’s patient in its execution, adroitly played throughout, and, if it catches you at the right/wrong moment, exquisitely moving.

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