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Interview – KiZiLOK.

We caught up with Andy Clegg of The Sun and the Moon, The Chameleons, Black Swan Lane, Weaveworld and Music For Aborigines fame to discuss his latest involvement in enigmatic new Manchester based project KiZiLOK. Here’s what he had to say:

What is ‘KiZiLOK.’?

Music created with my brother Ian and other musicians and producers who have been involved in writing and performing with us. We named the band after the Turkish musician ‘Fikret Kizilok’ who’s music has had a big influence.

How did the band come about?

Ian sent me songs he had written and recorded and I immediately created guitar parts for the songs. Then we recorded together and added my ideas. These were songs with acoustic guitars. The way that Ian had perfectly and emotionally played the guitars gave me the idea to take the sounds and totally reconstruct them. We took the acoustic guitar parts and added sound effects, pitchshifters/ delays/reverse/sequencers which eventually became the album ‘Man Made Monsters’ which is an instrumental album. This is an acoustic album but made mechanic, to give the effect it has been made by machines. It has a soul but is controlled by mechanics which sadly it has no control of..

What were your plans or intentions going into the album?

The only intention was to put the music on CD so anyone interested might want to hear it.

You have been in Music For Aborigines, The Chameleons, The Sun And The Moon, Weaveworld, Black Swan Lane plus you’ve done solo stuff Andy. How does KiZiLOK. differ from those previous acts?

I think the difference is the experimental/electronic themes and it’s not rock/pop/guitar based with real drums.

I hear psychedelic and eastern ‘drone’ aspects within KiZiLOK. What are your main musical influences?



Surrealist and psychedelic music created from the Middle East and imported by George Harrison from The Beatles to the UK in 1966/67. This form has continued to change and evolve through all the decades in one form or another. There are many musicians throughout the years that have visited this form.

Will you tour KiZiLOK?

We want to play gigs for free, whether it’s for charity or for friends. That’s the level of success we’re at right now, things might change.

How easy was it to get the album made?

First it was very difficult then it became increasingly easier. We found someone to write with who was Rob Holloway (aka Troubleshooter) who wrote electronic based music and you can listen to his work at Soundcloud. We wanted to write new music with an electronic sound, which became the ideas throughout the A-side of the album ‘Between the Thought and the Act’. We really wanted to write more music like this but we ran out of time. So the B-side is more acoustic .

We will put a link to Trouleshooter at the end of the interview. Tell us a bit more about the album Andy. What should we look out for? Do you have a favourite track?

My favourite tracks are ‘Torben Byl’ and ‘You Go Away’, they face each other on the A-side and B-side of the CD. I love ‘I’m Gone’ which is a positive song but it won’t be the end, it just goes back to square one.

How has the music landscape changed from the Sun and The Moon, major record label, days?

I’m not part of that and even when I got near to it; there was nothing I could do because someone else was in charge. What we did then or do now is really insignificant to include us.

We last encountered you on Black Swan Lane’s Sun and The Moon Sessions. What have you been doing since then Andy?

I wrote with Andy Whitaker for his album “Things That Happened On Earth” and he has a new album available soon and The Sun and the Moon were about to go back in the studio to record but sadly that didn’t happen.

For years you and Andy Whitaker have been known as the ‘two Andy’s’, as though you guys were joined at the hip. People don’t always appreciate that you have separate careers. Are you still in contact with Andy W?

We were joined at the hip. Luckily he was joined 6 inches higher. We are still in contact.

Do you enjoy those musical collective things or do you prefer being in full control of a project?



I prefer being part of a collective, there are some tracks I decided not to write or be involved with on purpose just to experience what it would be like not to be part of it. I don’t play on the track “Providence” from our album and Ian doesn’t play on some of the tracks.

Any plans to do more with Black Swan Lane?

I’d love Jack and John to pop over to the UK and do some gigs and we all help it to happen.

Is the radio show still going strong?

We got kicked off the airwaves due to lack of interest.

What about John Lever, The Chameleons original drummer who I believe recruited you as band keyboardist back in the day? Do you see much of John because i believe he has a new project going now too?

Yeah it was due to circumstances we both ended up being together again like we first met. He wanted to go in the studio and record again and then friends, Stephen Wilson and Simon Collier got involved and I know Dave Fielding had been encouraging John to get back in the studio and then Dave got involved himself and together they have created an amazing and diverse collection of songs.

If you could have been in any iconic band from history, which band (and why?)

Stereolab or Yo La Tengo and To Rococo Rot or Plaid, to be in a band where you’re not bothered about “success” but can still release albums.

What’s your biggest musical regret?

Not being a member of The Chills.

Proudest musical moment?

Being a non important musical member of The Chameleons.

Where can people buy the album Andy?

Contact gnrecords@gmail.com for info regarding ‘The Sun and the Moon’ Weaveworld. Music For Aborigines’ and ‘KiZiLOK.

Between The Thought And The Act.

Between The Thought And The Act.

[sic] Magazine thanks Andy and Ian. Thanks also to Carine Hubrechts (album photograph). Band photos courtesy of Facebook page may be subject to copyright and are not for re-use. The album, Between The Thought and the Act is available now via the email address provided.

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