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I WaS a TeeNaGe GuitariST 4 the ClaSH! – by Keith Levene

Legendary PiL guitarist Keith Levene releases his memoires –‘ I was a teenage guitarist for The Clash’. As the name suggests this latest book focuses on his early career. This is a story about the beginning of The Clash. The only band that matters according to some. The alternative original punk choice to The Sex Pistols – another band that mattered.

Join ‘KeeF’ as he takes you along his teen ride through real life. This is not an autobiography but it is a true story. It will put in the time at the place. The only place that mattered? Well maybe to some. The hippest scene in London especially in ’76 – possibly the hippest scene in the world it has been suggested. Take a ride through The Hippest Scene in London in 75/76 and witness how it really came together.

The book is available is a suite of different versions. Some handmade and limited editions. Check the website for further detail. The albums Search 4 Absolute Zero and Killer In The Crowd are also available via the site.

Official site for the book