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Lumerians – Transmissions From Telos Vol. III

If the industrial motorik of Transmalinnia was Lumerians’ eureka moment then this latest (but sequentially screwy) instalment of their Telos Transmissions can be seen as proof of the Oakland band’s continuing mission to explore strange new rhythms and to seek out unchartered zones.

Whilst the exotic cock-of-the-rock that adorns the cover may catch the eye, and despite their always-spectacular live performances, recent Lumerians releases have been less keen to show off than the reputation that precedes them. It’s no secret they’ve mellowed since their 2006 inception and these 37 instrumental minutes are no different in this regard. All the same, there is a perceptible shift into the plainly hypnotic.

As such, the bloodshot groove of “Murder Dubbs” reveals a kraut-funk shuffle that could be mistaken for a bedding-track outtake from Wayne Coyne’s new Electric Würms project. The spectral chatter of keyboard effects and wonky percussion on “Turiya”, on the other hand, bring to mind Sun Araw dub until a patient Eastern mantra takes over, heavily tremeloed guitar tip-toeing around deep organ drone. Just try and keep your dipping lids open during its latter stages.

On top of a Tesla-fired rhythm, “Hook For An Eye” then fades in on the flip with an atmospheric line of which DJ Shadow would be proud. Two tracks in one, the super-cool “Impossible Window / Caballero Futuro” closes by ramping up through the gears during its twelve minutes, first appearing on your radar as a UFO speck and later swelling to a world-destroying meteor, while the propulsive snare beat snags at the mix in the second half like a bonged-out RZA being rocked to sleep in the arms of the Sci-fi channel.

Understandably, Transmissions From Telos Vol. III is a striking blend: the claustrophobic and the chilly making awkward eyes at each other, product of a star-starved landscape that is beginning to feed on the anxieties of outer-rings introspection.

~Transmissions From Telos Vol. III is released 17th November 2014 on Cardinal Fuzz.~