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Wayne Hussey – Songs Of Candlelight And Razor Blades

Reviewed by Mark Reed

The risk with any solo record, by anyone in a band, is that the it’s a quarter of the strength of the band combined. But this isn’t always the case. Hussey is known as the voice of The Mission, a band of a certain vintage who don’t make as many records as they used to. There’s lashing of The Mission in here, as well as Hussey’s influences, such as Sinatra, especially in the low-light, late night mood, built on one man, one guitar, one piano, and a subdued tone. The pomp and bombast of The Mission aren’t as obvious but still present. If you liked The Mission, and have kept track of their career since the giddy heights of 25 years ago, you can see and hear that band in this, the same DNA, the same sense of aspiration, the same giddy romance, though perhaps ‘Wasting Away’ is a carbon copy of U2’s ‘All I Want is You’ (key, tone, pace, and vocal melody). The Mission always wanted to be Led Zeppelin and U2, big, powerful, visionary, and all those elements are still here. It’s a good album, not a great one, made with care and attention, never to headline stadiums, but to keep you warm on quiet nights as it grows dark.


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