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The Indie Dad’s – Albums of 2014

10/ Fat White FamilyChampagne Holocaust.

Top of the tree last year, re-issue allows me to include here.

9/ MONo Mythogies To Follow.

Great pop, great live. And why not. Watch out, next album will blow up massively.

8/ Alex HightonNobody Knows Anything.

An old friend takes all the skills he’s honed thus far and makes a less folky more darkly soulful
collection with some brilliant subtle embellishments.

7/ The OrwellsDisgraceland.

R&R is in safe hands, the kids are alright.

6/ WranglerLA Spark.

A bit Cabaret Voltaire. Only reasonable as one third is Stephen Mallinder. Analogue electronic masters.

5/ Hookworms The Hum.

Angry psych Kraut, DIY but Pro. Bit Hawkwind. Yowzah.

4/ The Amazing Snakeheads Amphetamine Ballads.

More anger, a smile and a blade cutting the fat off Rock.

3/ Little DragonNabuma Rubberband.

Deep Soul vibes meet Kate Bush Sensuality. Polished AND playful.

2/ JungleJungle.

Impossible to ignore, by no means all killer when it works it really works – Busy Earning is the track of the year.

1/ Future islandsSingles.

A great band who are committed without being over earnest. Still on repeat.