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Shutter & Support (Live), 13th Note Cafe, Glasgow

Support – Redword & Ocean Fracture

I’ve not had a good start to the year, some 16 days into 2009 I still hadn’t been anywhere near live music of any description (I refuse to include the dreadful Cabaret act I had the pleasure of witnessing on New Year’s Eve). Something clearly had to be done about this and a quick glance at the venue listings for Glasgow revealed very slim pickings. Roddy Woomble attempting to prove he’s Scotland answer to Michael Stipe over at the ABC or three young bands performing at the run-down 13th Note Café. I opted for the latter.

64bfb34394950d86623d9f644fdc62d6.gif” height=”150″ width=”150″ />Having said that, they sounded far better than Glaswegians Ocean Fracture (3). Rock Sound Magazine has been wetting their pants over this band. A real nail in the coffin, coming from a magazine that fawns over Jared Leto’s 30 Seconds to Mars, if you ask me. RS reckon Ocean Fracture ‘write music with jaw-dropping ambition and an eye on progression’. Perhaps they do, but it’s not executed very well. To be fair, they’re instrumentally reasonable, but I was completely put-off by the vocals. Now, just for the record I grew up on a steady diet of Sepultura, Fear Factory and Obituary, so a little screaming doesn’t affect me at all. The frontman’s half-yelp, half-squeal completely did affect me though, as it struggled to match the tangle of Dillinger Escape Plan meets Post-Metal dynamics of his bandmates. At times, it was excruciating watching him trying to hold a tune during the quiet interlude parts. I couldn’t help but wonder, when he struck the venue wall with his hand, that it was out of sheer frustration over his lack of vocal ability.