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First Glances – Bare Hunter

Recognise that moustache? Of course you do. Enigmatic Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle frontman Robbie Humphries is back with another band. Bare Hunter formed last year and comprise of long-time cohort Roger James as well as new sticksman Jack Lineham. After auditioning and dismissing a “shit” bassist, the band decided to strike it out with a pretty unique take on the drums-and-guitar duo set-up in so much as they’re a trio, a two-piece with a frontman who wanted his hands back after “seeing Mick Jagger at Glastonbury shakin’ ‘em about”.

Bored of hoedown come-downs and fresh from a Zeppelin bender they made the conscious decision “to make loud music that shakes the soul.” Accordingly then James acquired a couple of distortion pedals and befriended his Nashville Power Telecaster afresh, the band starting to channel the soul of famous partnerships such as The White Stripes and The Black Keys. In Luke Oldfield they’ve got a producer to match too, his work on kindred spirits The Wytches’ LP still ringing in the ears. Recorded straight onto sexy two-inch tape via a vintage Studer A-800 it’ll be a treat to hear Bare Hunter’s debut EP when it lands.

As for the tunes themselves, we’re talking dirty riffs, heavy kick drums and stripped-back snares. Humphries, a man of some range, has found his inner wail, complementing the Shamanistic garage-fuzz with Doors-like psychedelic flourishes. “Esmerelda”, for example, the lyrics repurposed from an unrecognisable MMT track of the same name, is a brazen, bluesy rocker with an irreverent video filmed by the flicker of firelighters on a Jurassic Park-themed mini-golf course, whereas the creeping groove of “Anybody Out There?” unleashes a wild 60s Nugget and “One Of These Mornings” works itself into a stomping fervour.

You’d be daft not to catch Bare Hunter live February 13th 2015 at the ‘Love/Hate’ party at The George Tavern, Whitechapel. Red and black themed dress is, of course, preferred!