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First Glances – Keroscene

Sigh. They don’t make music like they used to anymore, do they? Well, in fact, they do and Keroscene are the proof for the London-based four-piece (bassist Thomas Marion, drummer Jake Sorbie, guitarist Francesco Bondi and lead-singer and guitarist David Troster – the latter three all previously of the band Binary) offer a melodic and nostalgic take on late-80s noise/alt-rock.

They’ll be releasing their debut AA single Cotton Candy/Storm O.K in March and its relatively clean production no doubt knocks off a few of the band’s more abrasive edges, but it remains a smart exercise in misanthropy all the same. “Cotton Candy” bathes in atmospheric synths, harsh snares and guitar chimes like a lost J&MC number stripped of its signature feedback. It then develops into a lovely Sonic Youth-style daydream about the pretty indie girl at the front of class, which those of a certain age ought to enjoy tremendously. Frontman Troster’s London accent then creeps out into the mix on the flipside, “Storm O.K.” sounding like Bloc Party having a stab at covering APTBS-sister-band Ceremony.

In their spare time Keroscene also run and play at monthly BYOB warehouse parties in West London and, amidst the inevitable smoke machines and strobe light, they’re probably quite something. In fact, getting tumbled around in the swell, they’d almost certainly look good on that threat to be downright combustible.

~Cotton Candy/Storm O.K. is released March 2nd 2015 on Dream Machine Records with an album to follow later in the year. The next Unit-4 Warehouse party will take place in Westbourne Park, West London on February 26th 2015 alongside Esben And The Witch~