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First Glances – The Mekano Set

So what do we have here? A bunch of cheerful nutters calling themselves The Mekano Set, whose influences seem to range between 80s synthpop and post punk. In other words they’ve got my name written all over them. Have a listen to ‘The Matchmaker’ below and tell me it doesn’t sound like an outtake from Architecture And Morality.

From their Biography:

“Fuelled by a love of extremes, dry humour, dirty bass-lines and swirling white-noise guitars; merging 80’s Alternative rock and Post Punk sensibilities with modern-day bass / beat driven music, The Mekano Set, smirking at genre.”

I had a Mekano set when I was a kid. Mekano was a kind of rival to Lego, where you could build most anything with proto nuts, screws and bolts. I think these guys could build most anything too. It will be interesting to see.

“Nihilism you can dance to.”

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