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Carlton Melton / Kandodo3 – Split 12″

Together at last: a star-crossed split; a meeting of melted minds. Californian cosmic-psyche jammers Carlton Melton have been back to their geodesic dome, isolating three new tracks from its shapeless ambiance for John McBain of Monster Magnet to patiently master.

It’s a tremulous and instrumental suite that continues in the dreamy vein of most recent LP, Always Even, but without the righteous pay-offs. The inconclusive “Footprints”, for example, meanders for nine minutes around a meditative riff, while its follow-up, “Flags” is similarly laid-back, five minutes of distorted reverb and scraped strings. Side closer, “Chincoteague”, an island off the coast of Virginia famous for its wild ponies of the same name, then uses a healthy dose of guitar twang to get all high-and-lonesome.

Kandodo3 is Simon Price, singer/guitarist of cult psyche-rock band The Heads, as well as former partners-in-noise Wayne Maskell on drums and Hugo Morgan on bass. The three dedicate their side to a single cut, “High On Planes, Drifter”. Amusingly named as a radio edit, it’s instead 20 minutes of deep zoning that largely steers clear of the the band’s trademark shred in favour of a psychedelic drone-loop during which, nine minutes in, an ominous bassline and drum combo cruise into view like a warship, distant broadsides of guitar echo rumbling in the emptiness. It’s all a marriage truly made in the heavens.

~The Carlton Melton / Kandodo3 split 12” is released on transparent blue vinyl 23rd February 2015 via new label Creepy Crawl. Artwork by Simon Price ~