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First Glances – Jupiter-C

Ever since [sic] clapped ears on Jupiter-C’s mesmeric “Holiday” last year we’ve had an itch we just couldn’t scratch. It was enough for us to throw the frosty London residents onto our annual Tasting Notes feature: our predictions for the break-through artists of the coming year.

Forming in 2013, Ashiya Eastwood and David Kane make brooding electro-pop that ranges from slo-mo rattles that recall cooler-than-you Aussies HTRK to minimal, buzzed-out downbeats all the way to straight-up dream-pop and darkwave manoeuvres. An LP is due later in the year and is being preceded by new single “The Process”, which will be backed by “Locust”.

Released digitally and on cassingle via new cassette-label Ramber Records, they’re a pair of stand-out tracks with snare programmes so sharp they’ll have your eardrums out, hints of Italo-style synthwork, devastating guitar distortion and strong male-female vocal melodies.

A video for “The Process”, directed by Sapphire Goss, will be available to stream on 27th March. In conjunction with the release, Jupiter-C will perform their first headline show at Apiary Studios in London on 11th April 2015 with support from HAMBURGER LADIES (The Quietus) and MXLX (Fairhorns / BEAK>).

~The two-track The Process / Locust cassette will be released April 13th 2015 in a very limited run on new Manchester cassette-label Ramber Records.~

Ramber Records