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Label Focus : n5MD

One can not think of n5MD without recalling its mantra ‘emotional experiments in music’ . Label founder, Mike Cadoo (of Gridlock, Dryft and latterly Bitcrush fame) has continually pushed the boundaries with each release on the Californian imprint, while staying true to his philosophies. The label looks somewhat different to its early mini-disc only days (hence the name – No Fives, Mini-Discs), yet the same emotional aesthetics are still very much thriving within a roster and discography that has branched out over the years from its electronic base.

October 2007 marked its 50th release and as the label approaches 10 years old, n5 can boast artists in the legendary bracket ( Funckarma ) through to the prolific ( SubtractiveLAD ) and genre-defying ( Run Return, ArcLab ). With success stories also including a vibrant mail-order service, a penchant for unearthing diamonds (see Tobias Lilja and Last Days ) and its sister En-Peg Digital splinter cell, the n5MD story has been a journey and a half. Cadoo sat down with [Sic] Mag and tried to make sense of it all.

[sic] Mag: What influenced you to start your own label and how have your values differed from your original aim?

Mike Cadoo : I had always been into finding new music. Whether it meant going out to clubs and seeing new bands live or listening to college radio, I wanted to find what was out there that I liked. The internet really opened all that up for me as I had a more global reach out to the music I could find. I was no longer limited to my local clubs or what the local small watt radio station could find or play.

Way back before myspace mp3.com, was the “big” place to find music and I was finding artists on there that I wanted to help get their music heard by a wider audience. Also around this time I was heavily into the MiniDisc format. So I found out how to get prerecorded MDs manufactured contacted some of the mp3.com artists plus a few others I had known or met via my time in Gridlock and put together the first n5 compilation MD1.

2087240841a869b86cfcd37859dcefaa.jpg” height=”200″ width=”250″ /> What do you consider to be your label’s proudest achievement and why?

MC: Releasing the music we love (such as Lights Out Asia pictured left) from artists we have the up most respect for.

When signing new acts, are there any particular attributes or factors that you look for?

MC: An emotional thread in their music plus a depth of songwriting regardless of genre.

If money was no object, which artist or band would you most like to work and why?

fc0a403d90e66c6c30de4a484707c4ae.jpg” height=”170″ width=”250″ /> Finally, in five years time, where do you see your label?

MC: Well in five years (2014) the label will be 14 so we’ll probably be planning a 15 year release or something special I’m sure. Also with SubtractiveLAD’s (pictured) yearly release-schedule we’ll probably be releasing his 10th album!….

Fast Facts

Year Formed: 2000
Location: California, USA
Website: http://www.n5md.com
Roster: Bitcrush, Lights Out Asia, Last Days, SubtractiveLAD, Funckarma,
Currently Promoting: ‘Vell Vagranz’ – Funckarma

Damiak : ‘Interlomas’
id=469046&server=vimeo.com&show title=1&show byline=1&show portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” allowscriptaccess=”always” width=”400″ height=”320″>
Chained probabilities (2004) from postspectacular on Vimeo.

Lights Out Asia : ‘Psiu! Puxa’