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Tigrics – Brokernet

Lead track ‘Synki’ is definitely Drum & Bass, with a soundtrack element. I probably shouldn’t even try to name artists but Freeform come to mind. And the bits where they try to brain wash Harry Palmer in the Billion Dollar Brain. This is Cold War fear brought to the (empty) dancefloor, frontier Noise as compelling as D&B always seemed to be. I could never quite see it as “Dance Music” and ‘Synki’ is as cerebral as it is rhythmic. This is like the Doppler Effect on a foggy station; a loft bound double agent tuning in the transmitter.

Track 2 ‘Boko’, however, is dance music – bubbling and squelching and forcing any ass worthy of the name to move. It announces itself with a sound that wouldn’t have been out of place on Blake’s 7, then rolls along to the bass line like Daft Punk. The track happily spins out over 7 odd minutes to a more ambient coda, the mix is fantastic showing amazing separation even through bog standard computer speakers. Last track ‘Volatile’ misrepresents with its name, it’s the gentlest track and more of a fragment, piano laced with clatter.



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