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First Glances – Black Channels

Typical. You wait ages for a super cool, male-female duo brimming with atmospheric synths to come along and two creep out of the UK shadows simultaneously. Frosty London residents and former First Glances stars Jupiter-C got the ball rolling with their nightmarish, slo-mo electro-pop and now Black Channels, old friends with a penchant for worn tape loops and echo chambers and who hail from Brighton and London, are about to drop their debut single “Oracles”. And it’s a sultry exercise in evocative disinterest led by vocalist Becky Randall and balanced with fuzzed-out bass in counterpoint.

The track’s mesmeric B-side, “Depth Of Field”, is more black-hearted still, its wheezy drum machine and bottomed-out bass clicking and groaning like a lost HTRK classic. These arty compositions naturally lend themselves to visuals as much as they do audio and the pair’s accompanying series of “videophonic” collages that culminate in the spectacular video for “Oracles” below help paint quite the picture – one that promises much but does so in hair-raising whispers.

~Oracles is released on 10” blue-and-black marbled vinyl July 17th 2015 via Death Waltz Originals.~