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Vibravoid – Stepping Stone 7”

Fruits de Mer Records, the label whose slogan is “it’s as if the last 40 years never happened”, serve up another round of superbly curated singles from a smattering of contemporary psychedelic bands. Nick Nicely started us off with 49 Cigars.

Vibravoid from Germany turn in a killer version of Stepping Stone that is blissed out, with its fuzzed up bass, Hammond B3 and effect drenched vocals. Here they succeed because they’ve soaked the Monkees classic in LSD and made it more akin to a powerful bong hit of your best mate Nobby’s Thai stick. Hole In My Shoe by Traffic keeps things going as a sparkling sitar and tabla infused number that is the dreamy moment where everything is beautiful, but you know it won’t last. It’s a really beautiful number that is sung by Viola Road from Italy. She like a siren leads us out of the land of nod towards an as yet unrevealed future. The 7” is rounded out by The White Ship, which has an exploratory interplanetary vibe similar to Sterling Roswell‘s latest album Call of the Cosmos.

What Vibravoid have shown with these mere three songs is that they can do tight psych-pop numbers all the way to blissed-out transcendental ones and run circles around bands that call themselves psych outfits. The same can also be said for Nick Nicely who has managed to create some instant classics, and shows clearly that the last 40 years did happen and clearly these two bands were listening very closely.

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