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First Glances – 2Sisters

Following Volage’s Ty Segall-istic take on The Beatles and Wild Raccoon’s neat garage grumblers, 2Sisters are next under the Gallic gaze of our First Glances series. Despite some tidy, original era garage-rock soloing, theirs is a much trashier strain of rock ‘n’ roll that owes heavily to psychobilly, cod-horror and B movies.

Taken from the Parisian’s new EP, Com’on & Dance, “My Zombie Girl” and its chunky bass riffs does this most obviously with its title and ghoulish vocals. The honky tonking punk-rock of “Remember” is more straightforward, nevertheless heralding the lo-fi, animal-print stomp of “What Have U Done To Me” – a track of two halves that then contorts into a howling, snotty and spidery side of Euro surf-punk. 2Sisters make the sort of tongue-in-cheek, fun-time rock that is difficult to pull off with much credibility and do so in brothel-creeping style.

~The Com’on & Dance EP is out now.~