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Superman Revenge Squad – This Is My Own Personal Way Of Dealing With It All

Well, if you think that’s a mouthful it’s only appropriate as Superman Revenge Squad (oh, let’s call him Ben) is one of the most verbose lyricists imaginable. He’s like an Indie Singer/Song-writer’s version of a mile-a-minute delivery stand up comedian, don’t give the hecklers a chance to get a word in edgeways. This is a very rare thing – a home produced DIY album that is the match of (and deserves recognition every bit as much) the very best around. If you normally shy away from Singer/Songwriters then you’ll still like this. No schmaltz, lots of intelligence – self depreciating but still aware that there are a lot of bigger twats around. He’s traded around the clubs for a couple of years having previously been half of the similar (but louder) Nosferatu D2 with his brother.

Leading off with “Idiot Food”, a hit waiting to happen and his finest song to date — something of a classic in the ears of those in the know. A liturgy of ennui, the daily grind where nothing really bad happens except existing and that can be enough. It plays one of his favourite cards early on – using Pop Culture as a metaphor or plot device. The possibility of success like Coldplay being less than one might hope, likening his feelings of incompleteness to a New Order book with lots of pictures of Bernard and only a few of Hooky. The final fantasy of Jo Whiley letting him know what his music meant to her completes the vignette.

“I’m Gonna Go To Bed And When I Wake Up, I’m Gonna Be Someone Else” leads it’s list of hindsight accomplishments with his having watched the whole of Philadelphia without crying. “The Angiest Dog In The World” offers a possibility of what an acoustic and less intense Ian Curtis might sound like. He has the wit to acknowledge an over-used phrase before anyone else does. In “Will Oldham Sang To Me” he points out the cliché of the Kate Moss, Chavs & ASBOs chorus (although using Will Oldham brings to mind the equally wordy Jeff Lewis). The strength of SRS is possibly it’s weakness to some – the music references are nigh on all encompassing (OK he does film references in Pupkin) and the genuine wit can be submerged for the uninitiated. But fuck it, he isn’t writing for anyone who doesn’t know who Barney out of New Order is. By the last 3 songs he seems to have found a more general style, the delivery is little less rushed (though just as crammed).

The best joke is the title of the final track, “Joe Concedes Ultimate Defeat By Blowing His Face Skywards With A Shotgun”, if you don’t find that funny you should avoid www.myspace.com/supermanrevengesquad . If you do, a ridiculously cheap £3.00 including post gets you this album.



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