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Martin Brimicombe’s Albums Of The Year 2015

Respected [sic] scribe Martin Brimicombe gives us the lowdown on his top ten from 2015.

In reverse order:

10 – Oh Peas! Difficult Second Chair – in which half of Totem Terrors (Rosie) makes a great real indie album.

9 – Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou Expatriots – as singular, British and open to interpretation as its title. Independent folk act that must surely have a Later with Jools explosion on the cards after years of honing their craft.

8 – Kagoule Urth – a bit grunge. A lot good.

7 – Battles La Di Da Di – in no way an unexpected new direction. Just more of the expected quality.

6 – Eccentronic Research Council Johnny Rocket, Narcissist & Music Machine… I’m Your Biggest Fan Poetic – concept album with great 12” by imaginary group Moonlandingz (who then toured!?)

5 – Father John Misty I Love You, Honeybear – a country cabaret Nick Cave? The new Jim Morrison? Who cares. He’s not worn out his welcome yet.

4 – Ho99o9 Dead Bodies In The Lake Mixtape – Lively. Fuck your politics, it’s the apocalypse.

3 – FFS FFS – Who can raise their eyebrows highest? Sparks or Franz? What great, clever pop.

2 – John Grant Grey Tickles, Black Pressure – I am late to this party but love the blackly humorous disco I arrive at. This Associates fan has new love.

1 – Ghost Meliora – I finally “get” Ghost and embrace their prog-dusted rapier metal after years of wondering why they weren’t as heavy as their image suggested. Flawless Rock.