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Seasurfer – Zombies

Reptile Music

eighties infused dreampop with an icy synth edge

The sound of the underground – Bark Psychosis’, Hex revisited.

post-rock precursor gets a peer review

Low Island – If You Could Have it All Again.

Emotional Interference

soulful synthpop triumph

Shack – Waterpistol (1991)

the legendary album that almost went up in smoke

First Glances – Bear Of Bombay

Spaced out Italian synth pop

Clark – Playground In A Lake

Deutsche Grammophon

‘astonishing’ neoclassical soundtrack to the end of the world

T-shirt etiquette

the do’s and don’ts of band t-shirts

Loner Deluxe – Field Recordings

Rusted Rail

diverse and eclectic set of songs from label head

Editor’s Albums Of 2020

A top ten and some random musings.

yellow6 – Silent Streets and Empty Skies

Sound In Silence

the soundtrack to a covid19 summer

Raskolnikov – Lazy People Will Destroy You

Manic Depression records.

Darkly inviting. Highly compelling.

Panoptique Electrical – Five Pianos

Sound In Silence

evoking a sense of space and quiet

The Churchhill Garden – Heart And Soul – the collection.

Fall in love with sound again.

Various Artists – Twenty Years Away, an n5MD compilation.


perfect Christmas gift opportunity

Scenius – Enough Fears


synthpop contender for album of the year

Near the Parenthesis – Intervals


Subtle IDM release that explores the spaces between.

First Glances – Raskolnikov

“Darkly seductive” European post punk.

White Rose Transmission – Happiness At Last


side project for members of The Convent, Xymox, The Sound, The Chameleons, The Church….

The Search – Heart’s Racing

Aenaos Records.

The pet loves are back, again.

After Nature – After Nature

Lonely Heron Records

The Black Lamps side project